Mercy Stirling de Dueñas

Mercy Stirling de DueñasMercy and her company, The Relocation Connection has developed Destination Services and cross cultural training materials for more than 40 international companies such as DANONE, IBM, Monsanto, HP, INTEL, HONDA, HERSHEY´S relocating executives and their families to Guadalajara. She currently provides destination and cultural orientation for leading relocation and cultural trainers – Cendant Mobility, Peregre, NRI RELOCATION, LLC Mobility Services International and undertakes Research and market studies for LARM, Peregre LLC, International Relocation Services and other International companies.

Mercy also owns Trilenium Real Estate in Guadalajara, with her husband, Sergio Dueñas, a past 2008 National president of AMPI. Mercy is familiar with real estate sales in resort areas, having worked 2 years in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora (Rocky Point). In Guadalajara, Mercy works with both commercial and residential clients.

Mercy has given training throughout her career, including at at NAR annual convention in Orlando Doing Business in Mexico (her husband helped develop the class along with Linda Neil and Adrian Arriaga) and at numerous national AMPI Congresses throughout the years.

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