FAQS International Training in Mexico

  1. What designation training do you offer right now?
    ABR® and CIPS® and CNE® and RSPS®
  2. When are the classes held and where?
    Please click on the LOGO for the course you are interested in and you will get the most updated training being offered, price and location.
  3. Are these courses going to be applicable to my real estate career in Mexico?
    Yes, the trainers have lived and worked in real estate in Mexico for many years and know that some of the course training needs to be “tropicalized” to our careers in Mexico. They are also bilingual – so even if your English is not native, they can help by explaining in Spanish.
  4. Where do I pay?
    Please click on the DESIGNATION LOGO and at the bottom of the page is all the information that you need in order to make your payment. Paypal is available but if you are in Mexico, you also can deposit directly into our Mexican Bank Account.
  5. Can I get a discount?
    We offer EARLY BIRD specials so be sure to sign up as soon as possible. If you have an office that is interested in group training please get in touch with us (see email below)
  6. Can I get a refund if I am not able to attend at the last minute?
    We are currently setting up the guide lines regarding refunds and will post that information on the page.
  7. Why should I take it in Mexico and not in the USA?
    You can take NAR® training in the USA! But we feel, that if you are in real estate in Mexico, this course would be more applicable to the situations that we deal with selling and purchasing property in Mexico. Chances are you will save money too if the course is held in Mexico, as to plane fare, accommodations, meals, etc. If you are a US Realtor®, besides the networking opportunity with local agents in Mexico, your designation applies in the USA too. To be able to vacation and learn at the same time something that will benefit your career is a great opportunity. Not to mention the venue and weather!!
  8. Is there a minimum for the classes? And how can I help?
    Yes, there is a minimum of 30 students per class. If we do not make this number, the class will need to be cancelled. You can help by spreading the word to your colleagues and having them sign up too!
  9. Where can I learn more about the ABR® designations?
    Please go to the NAR® website to learn why you should earn your ABR® designation.
  10. Where can I learn more about the CIPS ®designation?
    Please go to the NAR® website to learn more about CIPS designation.
  11. If I have more questions can I email you?
    Sure! My email is linda.neil@settlement-co.com or click here to send me a message.
  12. Where can I find out more information on ABR course designation requirements? You can find them on the REBAC page and MORE info regarding ABR AT – http://rebac.net/how_to_get_your_abr.cfm
  13. And You can find them here on our page.

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