CNE course and instructor evaluation  with comments


Course: _CNE INSTITUTE_____ Instructor:    TOM HAYMAN_______________

Location: __LOS CABOS, MEXICO__ Date: _DECEMBER 10 AND 11, 2014__



  • Great course! which is the best compliment ever from the worst student ever!
  • Very good class! Would be helpful to both new and experiences agents.
  • Great class and instructor!
  • Perfect Tom! You are good!   Thank you Linda!!
  • I already had an idea of how to negotiate, but it has open new ideas and reinforced my negotiation skills. Still need to practice of course, to truly become an expert
  • More courses please!
  • More volume in the microphone
  • Without even visiting the website yet, I have received enough material to improve my presentations. I was pleased with the condensation of so much info into a short time.
  • Thank you for offering this course. It helps me build confidence in negotiations.  Clearly presented and easy to understand.
  • Very informative!
  • Emphasis on need to print manual is a good idea. Working with paper not electronics to be more connected.
  • Very useful information
  • Very pleased with the course and happy to have made this investment in my career
  • hope there will be more courses offered in the future.
  • Excellent class! All agents should attend.   I very much look forward to attending other sessions.
  • I enjoyed the course. Perhaps more knowledge of our area would help the instructor.   I certainly would take the next course options.
  • I enjoyed the class and would consider to continue with higher classes.
  • Unfortunately I had to go out to attend clients which are as important as education. On the other hand that gave me the chance to practice it right away!
  • Really worthwhile coming. Hope to be here again.   It would have been good to have the printed manual.
  • Audio visuals would really help and keep attention span from waning. Fresh air, working lights and more comfy chairs would also help.

Comments: Instructor evaluation


  • Fantastic!
  • Solid background and knowledge of topic
  • Great course! Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing you again!
  • Thank you! I really liked this course!
  • Mexico waits for you!
  • Thanks so much Tom!
  • More instructors like this please.
  • Clearly, Tom is a creative and innovative negotiator and communicator
  • Thank you for sharing your experience and insights into case studies. Very helpful!
  • Very experienced!
  • Thanks!
  • Excellent instructor. Material well conveyed and will be used in the field.
  • Please offer the next two courses.
  • Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was easy to listen to and engaging.
  • Always interesting. Great class!
  • Super course! Great presenter
  • Tom is very informative and an effective speaker.
  • Thanks for supporting education in our industry.
  • Like the voice. Nice to hear.   Maybe because I am not an English speaking person by birth I was a bit distracted so I look forward to be here again
  • Same people were always in limelight though others were answering throughout. So more variety of answering people is better; also more group discussions to sharpen just learned skills!   Love those personal experiences…put in a lot more!
  • Good!

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