IIGMINSTITUTO IMOBILIARIO GLOBAL MEXICO A.C. (IIGM) was officially founded in 2014, in Mexico, by four real estate professionals, with more than 120 years in the Global real estate arena. The group has always believed that PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION for real estate agents in Mexico should be the foundation for anyone wanting to work or invest in Mexico. IIGM’s distinguishing characteristic is its focus on bringing INTERNATIONAL real estate courses with cutting edge education to our students, in their cities.

Knowing that education is the key to success for anyone selling or wanting to buy in Mexico, the group proceeded to search for real estate training, to assist REALTORS and others in the industry. It was frustrating searching for suitable and useful courses. We were disheartened as we researched available courses – finding that there was a huge lack of instruction outside the capital of Mexico City, a city far away from the thousands of agents that live in the interior and along the coasts and borders of this beautiful country.

We wanted to be able to deliver courses taught in our own city, in our own language, and to be able to save money without having travel expenses.

Thus, the new Institute was born the founding partners,  Linda Neil, a long time instructor on Mexican real estate in the US, Canada and Mexico, Mercy Dueñas, a real estate and relocation professional and instructor in Puerto Peñasco, Arizona and Guadalajara, along with John Glaab, an International Real Estate Member (NAR) and a Public Relations professional with experience in the three NAFTA countries.

John Glaab, a professional media consultant who has promoted Mexico and Mexican real estate for more than 20 years, was the perfect addition to our team. John has been a long time supporter of International training.
The founders immediately set about to train, develop and promote their courses all over the country and the USA and Canada. The response has been phenomenal.

IIGM was finally together to fulfill their PASSIONReal Estate Education.

IIGM BI-LINGUAL and bi-cultural instructors now have accreditations in CIPS, ABR®, TRC, SRES®, RSPS, e-Pro® from the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and also TSUCI in Mexico. Together they have invested hundreds of hours and miles, researching, training and organizing these courses to bring to you the most important tools to your real estate career, IN YOUR TOWN.

Plus, we continue to reach out to agents and others in the industry to obtain feedback as to which courses they feel are needed. IIGM will be offering, for the first time in Mexico on October 2014, in Los Cabos, the CNE designation (Certified Negotiation Expert).

We are sure that by sharing these educational opportunities with you, your business and your clients will feel more confident in the service that you offer and the investment they are making.

Whether it is agents in Mexico, or agents from other countries, looking to better understand how to invest in Mexico, Global Mexico prides itself on developing updated, applicable courses that we believe are the best foundation for your GLOBAL MEXICO business. Come and join us!!

Please email us at info@globalmexico.org

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